Kosovo – Wood workshop ALiVE

Craft courses for pupils


In Kosovo, young people under the age of 20 represent a very high proportion of the population. At the same time, a school education concept dominates which is based almost exclusively on theoretical knowledge transfer. This has mostliy two main reasons: firstly, there is a lack of basic equipment to teach subjects such as crafts, sport, chemistry and the like in practice. Secondly, there is a lack of specialists who can combine and teach theoretical with practical elements. All those young people, who later want to work in a craft trade – which a young state like Kosovo urgently needs –, therefore lack any practical foundation. Not only does the quality of the work suffer as a result, but also the associated competitiveness on the European market.



In the south-eastern town of Gjilan, the association ALiVE runs a small but well-equipped wood workshop in cooperation with PartnerAid. It is located in the immediate vicinity of a secondary school with 700 pupils. Several times a week, woodwork courses are offered for different age groups. The courses build on each other, so that a kind of training can be completed. This is intended to provide young people with a good foundation, both for entering skilled trades and for studying technology.

The work courses are offered for a small fee, which does not cover the material costs. We are grateful for every donation so that this offer can be maintained or even expanded.