Bosnia and Herzegovina – Small Business

Small business development in Travnik

Project environment

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a deeply divided and broken country. Three brutal wars, all during the last century, have severely tested the population. The future is uncertain. There is a lack of perspective and hope.
Progress is visible in only a few areas. In some centres of the country, commercial centres and new buildings are growing like mushrooms and the road network has been re-established and enlarged throughout the country. Although externally, Bosnian roads and cities are changing in a positive manner, most people barely find a way to generate a steady, fair and stable income. Those who can, leave the country and seek work in Western Europe.

Our vision

Our goal is to promote small businesses in the region. We want to help families improve their economic situation. In addition, we advise, support and train these families. Together we draw up business plans, help finance the project, work as project leaders or become partners.

Second hand business

At the beginning of 2017, we started to import and sell second hand goods to Bosnia. For this we founded the trading company Pasija (passion).
We want to create more jobs and give many people a chance to earn a steady income. At the moment, we have four full-time employees and a network of over 20 sales partners. We want to involve more families in this business and create three additional jobs by the end of the year.
For the development of this project, we depend on your assistance. We still need CHF 5000. – for a baler, with which we can squeeze and pack the assorted second hand clothes.

Repairing and selling of coffee machines

In July 2018, we will start a new project in cooperation with a Swiss company. We want to train two employees to repair the coffee machines we import. We also want to introduce professionally this still relatively unknown technology in Bosnia and commercialize it. In order to achieve this, we cooperate with a local school, which is involved in the field of adult education. Together we will plan and realize the marketing and internet sales. The repair and sale of the equipment will be combined with the opening of a modern café. By August 2018, we plan to hire three people to facilitate this start-up. For this, we need about CHF 17 500 for the incurred project costs and the start of this work.

Can you imagine supporting our projects financially?
Thank you for your valuable commitment.

For the two projects, please specify the subject/purpose of your donation: Bosnia 2, Small Business