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Projects in Ethiopia

Ethiopia – Treatment of Trauma

"You cannot find a single family in Somalia where at least one person has not lost their minds because of all the terrible things they had to experience," a friend tells us, who lost his entire family in a single blow in the civil war, "and the worst is that no one is listening to them.

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Ethiopia – Water Filters

Although most Ethiopian families live barely more than half an hour's walk from a murky river, they often spend two to six hours travelling on foot to bring reasonably drinkable water home.

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Ethiopia – Emergency Aid

"Bridge" helps people in Africa to” bridge the gap” during the difficult time of poverty. The aim of the project is that these people can make their living again in an independent way. However, the period of time required to do so can be several years.

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Ethiopia – Literature

Reading in our mother tongue seems to be an obvious thing to us. Not in Ethiopia. Millions of Ethiopians have virtually no literature in their native language. They are stuck in the vicious circle of illiteracy: because no-one publishes, no-one reads, and because people are not readers, there is no market.

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Ethiopia – Children’s Relief Project

We would like to provide children from this desperate background with beneficial basic conditions that enable them to escape the spiral of poverty and to lead an independent life with dignity.

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