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Projects on the Comoros

Comoros – Recycling

Garbage is a devastating environmental problem in the Comoros. Often, the waste is simply thrown into the bed of a river or on the shores of the sea, at the mercy of the waves.

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Comoros – Fight against Malaria

If in our country a child is asked which is the most dangerous animal, the most frequent answer is the lion, the snake or the shark. But in reality, the enemy is much smaller. The beast which brings death to many people is the mosquito, carrier of malaria.

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Comoros – Literacy

Literacy is a fundamental human right established by the United Nations. In almost every society, literacy is a basic skill on which many other essential life skills are based. In the Comoros archipelago, an Islamic republic in the Indian Ocean, nearly one-third of the population is illiterate (according to UNESCO statistics 2009). The vast majority are women.

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